STUDY IN USA: Scholars Program for at Dartmouth College King in USA, 2020/2021

The King Scholar Leadership Program seeks low-income students with high potential from developing nations who are interested in alleviating poverty in their home countries.

About the Award: Students acknowledged to Dartmouth as King Leadership Scholars are offered a four-year grant, mentorship, authority preparing, and temporary position openings. Upon graduation, King Scholars are required to come back to their nations of origin to deal with neediness issues, bolstered by a wide system of Dartmouth graduated class.

The King Scholar Leadership Program looks for low-salary understudies from creating countries who are keen on mitigating destitution in their nations of origin. At Dartmouth, King Leadership Scholars get 4-year grants and broad coaching and initiative preparing. Upon graduation, they return home to handle neediness issues, bolstered by Dartmouth's graduated class organize.

Course Level: Undergraduate
Eligible Countries: Developing Countries
To be taken at (country): USA
Eligibility Criteria: All eligible international applicants to Dartmouth will be considered for the King Leadership Scholar program.
Selection Criteria: The King Scholars Program looks for students who are:
  • Involved in their communities
  • Passionate about creating positive change
  • Interested in alleviating poverty in their own countries
  • Capable of succeeding at a top U.S. university
  • Driven to succeed in whatever they do
  • Proficient in English
The Dartmouth Admissions Office selects students for this special honor who embody the vision of the program, including a commitment to alleviating poverty, a record of academic excellence, and a passion for global issues.
Number of Awards: Not specified
Value of Award: King Scholars receive 4-year scholarships and extensive mentoring and leadership training.
Duration of Programme: 4 Years
Method of Application: 
  • There is no special application; instead, each applicant must complete The Common Application. Learn more about applying to Dartmouth.
  • Applicants to Dartmouth who are interested in the King Leadership Scholar program are also encouraged to send an additional recommendation from a mentor, teacher, advisor, community leader, friend or clergy member through the Recommend a Scholar portal.

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  1. My name is Namuddu Hildah enrolled nursebfrm Uganda..ibwould like to go for further studies


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